We are a UK based web development team of two and although our core team is two individuals we have built up a list of trusted contacts during the 13 years digi-masters has been in business. When taking on projects requiring more than two people we call upon our contacts, this gives us the flexibility to coordinate projects of all sizes.

About us: learn a bit more about the two gentlemen who formed digi-masters

George Lloyd

Database technician, server manager & Linux geek


George is in charge of all the things that make a site function. All our servers and hosting are managed by George which covers the databases, emails and domains.

His natural talent for the technical side of computing means he can turn his hand to any type of computer wizardry needed to complete a project.

George creates most of the content management systems and lends Devron a hand whenever his expertise is needed.

Fun facts about George

Favourite Food: Greek

Hobbies: Tinkering with electronics, gardening, piano, snooker & trying new things

Favourite Holiday Destination: South of France or Cyprus

Favourite Web Site: Quidco, it's a good way to save money and a clever way for businesses to drive traffic to their site

Devron Baldwin

Web developer, business networker & PHP nerd


Devron is in charge of building the web sites and making sure they interface with the content management systems created by George.

He has gained a good understanding of CSS and PHP over the years developing web sites. Devron is always keen to learn new techniques and technologies which help enhance the experience of web site visitors.

As a keen networker Devron looks forward to meeting new people at networking events and making new contacts.

Fun facts about Devron

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Walking his dogs, playing X360, reading books & being a twit

Favourite Holiday Destination: Anywhere with his dogs

Favourite Web Site: the BBC News web site is an excellent source of news and is a great example of functional web design

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