Are you a graphic designer who wants to be able to offer more comprehensive web sites? We can help by turning your design into a standards compliant web site complete with database interactivity to suit your customers requirements.

Development services for graphic designers: you do the design, we do the technical bits.


Websites from a PDF

Our PDF to website service is perfect for graphic designers who have little or no knowledge of HTML & CSS or don't want to be involved with the process of creating website code.

Stage 1: Design Proposal

You send us the site specifications and your design in AI, PSD or PDF format.

We will estimate the time required to build the site and if you are happy then we begin.

Stage 2: Website Construction

We take your design and make it into a single web page for you to preview in your web browser.

You send us any feedback you have about the site.

We make alterations until you are happy with the site design.

Stage 3: We create the web site & add the magic

At this point we create the database, add any eCommerce features, content management can be added, any interactive elements are also put in now.

We update your preview site once we have the majority of the site complete. Any alterations you require can be made as we add the finishing touches.

Web site hosting

We offer competitively priced UK hosting packages should you want us to host the site for you in the UK. It's beneficial to host your site in the UK as most search engines do take the location of the hosting into account when ranking your site.

Stage 4: We make your new web site live!

Your new site is now live. We will take steps to make sure that all the major search engines find it as soon as possible.

It's up to you whether you want to populate the site yourself or we can add and manage the site content for you.